Saturday 29 November 2014

The Dolores Batwing Pattern: Solids!

I can't tell you how flippin' exciting it's been to see what other people have made from my Dolores batwing pattern. As more and more versions pop up on the interwebs, I've been squirrelling them away on a Dolores batwing pattern Pinterest board. I'd love to share with you all the versions I've seen so far, but I'll just highlight a few now and then so you can see how ace they look in a variety of fabrics. Today let's take a look at a few versions in solids (AKA plain, unprinted) fabrics, which seem to really show the bones of the garment's style:

(image source: Pelly Melly Patterns)

How lovely does Jane look in her classic black long-sleeved version? She undertook a FBA to get the fit right for her, check out her post to find out her preferred method. 

(image source: Laurasaurus)

Pattern tester Laura's deep pink knit was originally destined for other plans. But the Lady Skater's loss was the Dolores batwing's gain. Check out her stunning short-sleeved dress version (pictured above) above whilst feeling simultaneously jealous of her idyllic holiday location AND of her amazing belt!

(image source: Sleek Silhouette)

Just how glamourous does pattern reviewer Katy look in her mustard yellow version of the Dolores pattern (pictured above)?! Lemons were thoroughly turned into lemonade here when her lack of sufficient fabric resulted in a 3/4-sleeve pattern hack!

(image source: Oranges & Apples)

Check out pattern reviewer Franca's delicious raspberry coloured short-sleeved dress version (pictured above). It looks particularly awesome paired with her oranges tights, doesn't it?!

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Sue said...

They look great in the plains. I am still stumped on what fabric to use to trial mine in. However looking forward to making it soon.

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