Sunday 15 July 2012

Me-Made-Outfit of the Week

Stripey T-shirt
Pants (knickers)

This week there were three very strong contenders for my most successful 'me-made-outfit of the week'. In the end I chose this one to share because it was the most comfortable and I got the best photo of it! I can see in this photo that these trousers look a bit baggier than would be ideal, but the plus side of that is they are soooo comfy! I was expecting this red bolero to only work with nautical elements if I used the plain side, but I think the lace appliqué works fine with this look, and actually balances the darker shades and creates a focal point. I tried to keep the floral theme with the flower clip in my hair. Have you had a successful self-stitched outfit last week? What lessons, if any, did you learn from it?


Claire (aka Seemane) said...

I love the way your bolero colour co-ordinate with the front door. I reckon you should take a pic of the door on it's own - then photoshop the colour of it to provide you with instant colour co-ordinated backgrounds for different outfits... ;) !

Rochelle New said...

Ah, very cute! I love the bolero!

I just posted photos of my recent handmade skirt, and learned I love it paired with a tailored/dressier shirt. I originally hand made a simple tank top to go with it, but they looked frumpy together. Pairing the simple skirt with a not so simple top makes it look just polished enough :)

Unknown said...

Love that bolero on you!

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