Sunday, 17 July 2011

Does anyone want this pattern?

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed, sorry!!!!

Hiya peops. This blog's been a bit quiet for a week or so which I can assure you has been due to a lack of time rather than lack of things to say. Tonight I'm putting an end to the unusual silence and kicking off a hopefully productive week of posting and doing by hosting a quick, unflashy giveaway.

I can't remember how I came by this vintage dress pattern but it's been in my stash for an age. I recently went through them all to weed out some to put on ebay and became reacquainted with this one. I don't need it because I already have a very similar shift dress shape that I'm really pleased with plus I am not selling it on ebay because, IT HAS THE COLLAR PATTERN PIECE MISSING. So I'm giving it away instead. It is a bust 36" published by Simplicity in 1968, all other pieces and instructions are present and in good condition. The collar piece is simply a rectangle, so with the measurements from the front and back pieces you could recreate it without too much hassle if you wished. Alternatively you could draft yourself simple neck facing pieces and use it as a round neck pattern, or draft a peter pan collar, or a myriad of other options. It might just form a good basic block shape for other shift dress ideas you may be harbouring.

So, if you understand that the collar piece is missing but feel you could use this pattern to further your adventures in sewing, and you live in Europe (sorry extranjeros, I'm super-skint 'til payday) and wish to receive this pattern at no expense to yourself, listen up. Drop me a quick email including your postal address to the email address written in the 'About Me' section at the top right of this blog. The first person to convince me that they will actually use this pattern rather than let it sit around for yonks like I have done, will get this landing on their door step. I say this is a quick giveaway because I'll be heading to the post office after work tomorrow so if you fancy it, get on this asap. Please note: I will not be using your email or postal addresses for anything other than dealing with this giveaway and I will most certainly not be passing them on to anyone else.

There will be more giveaways (internationally friendly ones, promise!) and other varied bizzle on this blog in the near future, so stay tuned and happy Sunday evening.


weriem said...

Oh come on :'(
Are you sure to don't want to send it to US? My body is here but my heart is European (French exactly), lol!

Helen said...

Hi there, I would love this pattern! I have been sewing quite a while now and have the perfect vintage material for this, and have been waiting for a pattern for it! x

Anonymous said...

Hurrah... Just moved to the UK so that makes me eligible :)It's so simple and pretty!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love it, but think it would live in my stash for a while before I used it. I hope it enjoys its new home! Glad you're OK though and the quiet has just been because time is at a premium at the moment.

serendipity said...

just right for the northern soul weekenders
joan in italy

Alessa said...

It's very cute, but with the amount of stuff already on my to-sew list, it probably wouldn't be used in the near future... :( Whoever gets it, have fun with it, though! :)

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