Sunday 1 May 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Blog Widget/Button

If you are one of the awesome and highly creative individuals who have already signed up for the latest Me-Made challenge, Me-Made-June '11, or are planning on doing so before 1st June 2011, then here's some blog candy for you!

Let your blog widget/button do the talking and announce to the world (well, your readers at least) what you have gotten yourself into! (Joke! Relax! It's going to be heaps of fun!)

So, if you would like one, follow these steps:

1# Copy the following HTML code:
href="" target="_blank"> <img border="0" alt="Photobucket" src="" /> </a>

2# (This is for blogger, not sure about other blog hosts). Click on 'Customise' on your own blog;

3# click on 'Layout';

4# click on 'Add Gadget';

5# choose HTML/Javascript;

6# paste the code in;

7# click on 'save changes'; ta da!!!!

Your beautiful new widget/button, when clicked upon, will virtually ping the clicker to the original MMJune '11 sign-up post, thus simulataneously explaining what the whole thing is about as well as aiding the passage of more potential signees. Win-Win!!!


Tilly said...

Done! Currently drafting a t-shirt pattern so I've got some basics to add to my self-made wardrobe. Will try not to let MMJ prep take over my life though, honest...

Leah said...

i got this one free from the burda website

its really quick and looks really good!


Macska said...

And for those using Wordpress, you can do the following:

Under the 'Appearance' menu (down the left-hand side of your dashboard), select 'Widgets'.

Drag a new 'Image' widget into your 'Primary Widget Area'.

Click the drop-down arrow on the left of the new 'Image' widget you've just added, and put the following into the following fields:

Image URL:

Alternate Text: Me Made June 2011

Width: 200

Height: 25

Link URL:

Click 'save', and you're done! :-)

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