Sunday, 14 November 2010

Stash Amnestied

This week, I am honoured to be the subject of Tilly's monthly Stash Amnesty feature (which can be read here). Tilly's genius concept basically provides the subject a non-judgmental arena in which to display their hoards, which can be quite a touchy subject. I doubt there's a sewer out there whose been at it for more than a couple of years who isn't a bit embarrassed about the scale of their stash, which can result in defensive behaviour when questioned (well, it does round these parts). Tilly's Stash Amnesty neatly side steps that and instead offers an interesting insight into the sewing space and thoughts of the individual through her cleverly devised questions.

To be honest, my current sewing mise en place isn't the most inspiring or photogenic I've had over the years. After all, I'm living in one of the most afluent areas in this poky little country where space is at a premium, so the natural-light-flooded space with adequate storage and cutting tables etc. that I dream of is currently just that, a dream. In fact, if we are talking about dream spaces, check out this recent post by Cheap Opulance which basically sums up my ideal sewing space.

As I explained in Tilly's post, the majority of my fabric stash is currently shoved under my the bed in my folks' spare bedroom in Essex, so sadly no shots of piles of neatly folded luscious fabrics from me I'm afraid. However I was able to share the fruits of my main weakness: vintage sewing patterns. But once again, what I have with me here in Brighton is only a fraction of the true scale of the problem.

I think it's fascinating getting a glimpse into the stash and space that other sewers create with. Whether it's the corner of a kitchen counter or a refurbed warehouse, stacks of vintage charity shop fabric finds or handmedown notions from your mother-in-law, the situation is always as individual as the, um, individual. Tilly's Stash Amnesty is certainly an interesting opportunity to snoop about that we wouldn't usually have access to (albeit an edited version; you think my sewing table usually looks this clear?!) and I for one am hooked on these monthly installments to indulge in that opportunity. Thanks Tilly!

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B @ Sweet Limes said...

I am still fairly new to sewing myself, it's only been just over a year that I've really been sewing, but I already have a huge stash! Thinking about it I am alright with the stash I have, but only because my husband doesn't have a problem with it. If he did I would feel more like I needed to protect it and have a good reason for the size it is. Honestly though, I do feel the need to only sew from my stash for a little while. Time to get it under control!

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