Thursday, 26 August 2010

Self-Stitched-September: Participants List!

(Self-Stitched) September is obviously drawing very close, and as promised, here is a comprehensive list of all the fabulous people who have signed up to the challenge. You may remember that when I sent out the call to join me in this challenge, I declared that my hope was to get 100 participants, a step up from the 80-odd participants of Me-Made-May. Well, I am delighted to declare that we have busted through that target and are currently standing at double the participants of MMM with a list of participants in excess of 160!

If you have signed up but I misinterpreted your comment and haven't included you, or I've listed you but you would prefer to be known as something else, OR your link doesn't work OR your link is missing or incorrect, I'm very sorry. Please leave me a comment on this post and I'll rectify the situation. If you've been thinking about signing up but haven't got round to it, please do so by August 31st (for obvious reasons).

I hope any preparations you may have been doing are going well. Don't forget the Self-Stitched-September Flickr group, as well as the fabulous blogs listed below to see what everyone else has been up to. Enjoy!

Venus de Hilo


AnaJan said...

Zoe, I am not sure I'll be able to participate, though I'd really love to. I'll be on a vacation during September, and I won't have PC, internet and other wonders of modern technology.
I could try to post my photos afterwards, but I'm not sure I'll manage to pack only me-made outfits to my suitcase. You see, there are some issues I have with certain outfits - the matching shoes, the garment's behavior when being zipped in a bag for 2+ weeks with no option it iron it, etc.
Aww, I'm so sorry for this... I'll try to catch up with you guys, but I'll be more of a spectator than a participant.

Mary said...

Thank so much for this list. I am going to update my blog list as this challenge has helped me redefine my style, my wardrobe, and how I live my own personal principles. I have seen such incredible talent and ingenuity in this group and hope I can add a little bit to it also. Zoe, again, thank you!

Lizzy said...

WOW!!! Too many participants! I'll enjoy reading all those blogs and see theirs sewing! I would like to participate BUT I don't have 30 pieces of clothes made by me for my self, I mean I have some clothes for my daughter and some for me, perhaps next time.

bookette said...

my link isn't working. it's got your blog address followed by mine, which doesn't work. I see a few others like that, too.
I'm a wee bit nervous about SSS. I appear to have lots of skirts and dresses, but very little of anything else. Except jewelry and accessories, which I'm sure will end up being the saviors of the day.
Pictures - are we supposed to post every day, or will a weekly post do?

AngelatheCreativeDiva said...

Hi Zo,
Please add me to the list. I didn't get through the Summer Essentials challenge, but I am willing to give this a try.
Thanks so much for putting this together.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zoe,
I'm a dork and changed the address of my blog a while back but didn't update my pledge. Would it be too much hassle for you to change? It moved from This Light Gets In to
Thanks - Alana

Sigrid said...

After sitting on the fence all summer, I decided I can do this! Count me in. I'm Sigrid at http;//

Carolyn said...

Just letting you know my link is working fine, thanks (Carolyn).
I am SO excited about this!! And I can't wait to see everyone's creations. Thankyou SO much for organising this venture!!

Caroline said...

Caroline here, my link doesn't work. Should be Thanks!

Erin said...

May I be added? Erin at

Hippopotamuslee said...

I was just curious about what bookette asked, about daily vs weekly posts?

I've also never done one of these before and I fell MASSIVELY behind on the Summer Essentials challenge. I'm actually even further behind on this one too ;( Is it possible to amend our pledges, to perhaps "one handmade or refashioned item... every day" or "mostly handmade or refashioned items?"

My link works fine, but my name is Jaimielee* the 2nd I throws everyone off ;)


Reethi said...

Zoe, can I be added to the list? I loved Me-Made-May!

Anonymous said...

Could you add me? I'm in for the lite version!

Emer said...

Wow that is a great list you have there. I better get sewing then.

Joy said...

wow, that's quite the work drawing up that long list! I think my link is broken. Should be:

Lisa H. said...

Please add me. I signed up a few minutes ago,on the previous post.

Huff said...

Yay! So close now. My link looks to be one of the broken ones, should be
Thanks! Huff x

JuanitaTortilla said...

YAY! I'm proud to be in this group! Will attempt to stitch / craft / wear something hand-made from Wednesday on.
Thank you for the reminder!

Looking forward to the viewing the talented works!

P.S. Will join the Flickr group asap, and have already put the Self-Stitched-September badge on blog.

Anonymous said...


Sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like to participate too!

Stella said...


This is Stella at Pitchin'Woo.I'm excited to get this started. There's no link to my name on the list.
My address is


Anonymous said...

god zoe your head must be frazzled trying to organise everyone's links etc. (mine works perfectly) so thanks for all this, hope your move has gone well...

Libra-s said...

Hi Zoe
I signed up the last minute!31 August. Please add me to the list.

Zoe said...

Hi everyone. I think I've added and amended everything that needs to as per your comments. Thanks for your patience, internet access has been tricky for me over the last few weeks, and trying to sort through over 160 particpants details was quite a challenge!

In response to some of your questions. Post your outfits/garments as frequestly as you want or are able. Some will post daily I'd imagine, some weekly, some only their favourite days. Personally, during Me-Made-march and Me-Made-May, I liked to post every three or four days with several days worth each time.

Whatever works for you and your individual challenge will be awesome.


Catherine said...

My blog is



Anonymous said...

Hi Zo,
my blog link isn't working, it's just Thanks for the oppurtunity to participate, I am a bit excited...
Greets, Phem.

Minnie Arabella said...

I, Minnie Arabella, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavour to wear at least two handmade or refashioned item(s) of clothing, or accessories, every day for the duration of September 2010'.
It's still Aug 31st here, hope I'm in!!

knottygnome said...

Hi, I don't think I made it on the participants list. My blog is at thanks!

Affi'enia said...

I'm still up for this. I think I will be sewing as I go however hehehehe. Mad panicking ensues :o)

Anonymous said...

My link isn't working,my blog is

Marina said...

Hey Zoe,
After much indecision, I've finally decided to commit to participating. My blog is; I'll be adding a post about this and a badge later tonight. Thank you for organizing this, I'm really excited to participate.

kbenco said...

I thought I had signed up - I have an email about the flickr site, but I am not on the list.
Sorry to be so last minute, may I please join.

Lisa H. said...

Hi Zoe. My link doesn't work. It should be

Thank you.

Brooke said...

Hello Zoe! I hope your move is going well. I just learned I'm heading to Barcelona in November - bad timing. :(

Also, I'm in for Self-Stitched September. A late entry and a dark horse, to be sure, but I love fall fashions and I've been going skirt-crazy lately.

My blog is here: - and I'll be at least talking about what I wore each day, if not photographing myself wearing it. Depends on what work is like.

Thanks again for hosting this challenge!

Kimberly said...

My ink is under kimberly seems to be broken and is not working and i would prefer to be under greenhoneyhive if it is not too much trouble...Thank you for doing this Much love Kim

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Yay!!! its finally here!!! Just did my first outfit post, scary...

Darling Petunia said...

I hope it's okay for me to sign up at the last minute. I need some motivation to both wear the things I've sewn/created and make new things. Didn't see this was going on until JUST NOW!

nommh said...

Thanks for the list. As others have commented, some of the addresses have your address first. One can easily delete it from the address bar of the browser, but with so many participants...

And having one list makes me wish for another. How about a pegged post in in the flickr group that links blog addresses with flickr IDs? It could be done on the basis of this list and September Selfstitchers could add their ID and correct their blog addresses, if neccessary.

DalĂ­gula said...

Hey, Zoe!

My blog's adress has changed.
Here's the link:


Dalila =)

Alyssa said...

I can't find my name! Did I not get put on the list?

indigorchid said...

I keep seeing Self-Stitched-September posts all over my blog-reader, it's so exciting!

My link has some extra blogger-info attached to it, it should be

Thank you so much for making a list - I'll make sure to link back to this in my own posts, to enable hours of fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to the list and thanks for your last comment. I was worried i "had to" take photos of myself everyday :>

Let there be sewing!

Kim said...

I missed the sign up deadline but will be participating in spirit! I can't wait to see all the wonderful things people made. I wear something I made just about every day as it is.

Veronica Darling... said...

Thanks babes!

Karin said...

Wow, so many participants!
I'm not going to be a proper player of the game, I can't promise to wear only home-made (or even a piece a day), but I WILL make an effort to wear my self-stitched stuff more, and more of it, than I have so far.
This is a great idea, next time I'll partcipate! I'm with you all in spirit though ;-)

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