Friday 10 July 2009

Out in the Field

Perhaps I have been too hasty. Maybe I have been approaching the reviews of my home-made garments incorrectly. Previously, not always but often, I have tended to finish the hem, pop the garm on me or the mannequin and get some paps done, followed by a (witty and informative) blog post when I get round to it a few days later.

Well, it has come to my attention that very possibly my evaluations of my creations would be much more authentic and insightful after having worn it several times whilst getting thoroughly, eye-wateringly wrecked on cocktails/cava/wine/nan-juice. Thus, I should glean a far greater empathy for the garment, and be more fully aware of it's strengths and failings as a piece from the wardrobe of a modern woman, going about her business:

For this post I can assure that the new criteria was definately met. This cheeky little top was crafted from a beautiful piece of vintage fabric I picked up for $1.99 in a thrift store in the Mission district of San Francisco a couple of years ago. It had been hanging around teasing me with it's potential until I declared 'Enough!' and fashioned a simple top based on this awesome 1968 Simplicity dress pattern I swiped off of eBay. Because of the level of beauty, and limited dimensions of the fabric, I did what I rarely do when it comes to the early stages of garment creation: I took my time and applied patience.

Using patterned fabric, I think, requires a bit of a balancing act. You want to give the print a chance to bask in it's full glory, unencumbered by an overly complex style. But on the flipside, you don't want to be a walking canvas with a dull shaped garment (with the notable exception of basic A-line skirts). I attempted to balance the tightrope by drafting a Peter Pan collar (using a tutorial somewhere to be found on Wiksten Made).

A happy coincidence, it looks rockin with the PLAIN navy skirt I made, previously featured here.

So the field test revealed that, generally it is a success. A couple of minor flaws: the zip could have been a bit longer for ease of getting it on and off, the shoulder line stops a bit short which exposes unnecessary bra-strappage, and (for reasons that are beyond me) one side of the collar likes to flap up whilst walking outside (best worn sitting down inside then).

I hope the pictorial evidence and reported experience gives a more thorough review. In future I will endeavour to continue in this vein. I have corrected my behaviour and moved away from such errors. It won't happen again. Sorry.


chrrristine said...

very cute outfit with the navy skirt, I love it! and yes, very good to know that it's coping well out in the wild!
I hope you're doing well, I'm working in L for another three weeks, then to Germany for a few days, and then to NYC in mid-August. XX!

kate said...

Love the top- and it looks tres cute with the navy skirt!
Thanks for your creative 'field report', too! Far too often bloggers model their creations, but crop their head from the photo, or just using a dress form. I really love that you show yourself wearing your creations out in 'public'.
I always look forward to reading new posts with your fresh outlook.

Zoe said...

Well thanks very much ladies for your comments, they make my day! Kate, do you have a blog? xxx

naughty little pony said...

Love that top! looks gorgeous.

Kate Moore said...

The top, print and pattern, are da bomb. Looks great. Have been going through some of your more recent posts and am loving the refashioned garments.

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