Friday, 26 January 2018

Alice Pinafore

I don't feel entirely pleased with myself for having made this project, because Dolores really doesn't need any more clothes at this point. Making excess stuff just because I fancy it really doesn't square well with my attempts to sew more sustainably. But let's gloss over that for the time being, shall we?! 


As I've mentioned previously, back in 2013, when I was pregnant with Dolores, I received a year's subscription to Ottobre Design magazine from my mum. I know that kids clothes aren't subject to quite the rapid turnover of trends that women's wear is, but I think it goes to show how well designed Ottobre kid's patterns are in that somehow they manage to look neither dated nor 'traditional'. This little pinafore pattern came from the Autumn 4/2014 edition. 

The sizing for this pattern runs from 86cm to 122cm. For Dolores, I traced the 104cm width and 116cm (ish) length to make this dress last a couple of years. I also added a sizeable hem allowance so it could be let down if necessary, although that may have been overkill. I love the gentle gathers into the front and back yokes. As you can see, I omitted the unnecessary magpie applique (!), but it'd probably look sweet with some patch pockets. The only criticism I have of the pattern is that the straps are crazy-long. However, if I keep repositioning the buttons down the straps as she grows, she may still be able to wear this when she's ten!


This ditsy floral needlecord was another score from my friend Kerrie's recent de-stash (as mentioned in this post). Weirdly enough, I'm finding it easier to work through Kerrie's stash than my own! There was just enough to squeeze out this pinafore, and it's lined in some fuchsia poly-taffeta from my stash. In hindsight, I'm not sure it was an ideal lining choice, as I'm pretty sure the skirt part looks a slightly different shade from the yokes, which I self-faced. But I'm probably being over-picky. 


I'm calling this the Alice dress, as Dolores has decided this is her 'Alice in Wonderland look'. I hope you'll agree that it looks nice with this little knitted top, which I must admit I bought new. From a shop. It was in the sale and it's possibly the only garment I've bought for her new (apart from tights) in her whole life. Anyways. This pinafore has not yet been adopted as a favourite as I would have hoped, but as we've established, there's plenty of time...


vintagerockchick said...

Dolores looks lovely in her new pinafore - and I see what she means - it does have something of Alice in Wonderland about it!

BarbaraShowell said...

Yikes. I had 5 and was only a stay at home mom for maybe a total of 18 months, broken up over the years. I kind of wished I COULD, but I also got buggy when I was home- of course those were also my financially scary times and one newly single (with #5 on the way!) time. It's a struggle no matter how you raise a family, but wow, grandparenting happens and its even more heart enlarging than mommyhood! I love the jumper. The one thing that makes me sad is that my kids all seem to prefer famous name RTW for the grands. They have appreciated some quilts though.

Kathryn said...

The pinafore is lovely Zoe and Dolores looks great in it! Dolores might not have needed it but I’m sure she’ll love & appreciate it, and maybe you really needed to make it. Sometimes when I feel particularly tired or anxious, I find making a small garment for my son is so satisfying and can really be just the boost I need.

Inder-ific said...

I made this pattern for my daughter a while back and it's a good 'un! For the record, I did not add extra length but she was able to get several years of wear out of it by adjusting the shoulder straps and wearing it at a more tunic length. I must make another! Perfect pattern for corduroy.

Kendrake said...

It’s lovely and she really is a very good model!

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