Friday, 13 September 2013

Refashion Friday: Autumnal Inspiration

I don't know about you, but where I live Autumn has arrived with a bang. As lovely as Summer has been, I LOVE the 'Back to School' refocusing on plans and head-clearing freshness that early Autumn brings. And being a heavily pregnant lady this time round, I'm vastly appreciative of the slight new coolness in the air.

The change in season from Summer to Autumn also brings the need to rediscover some warmer garments. Maybe you feel the desire for some new wardrobes additions but haven't got the cash, time or inclination to make something from scratch? Umm, then let's get our refashion on! Refashioning existing garments is almost always cheaper AND quicker than embarking on a from-scratch sewing project, and if you are stuck for inspiration then take a look below at some ideas from the archives of my 'Refashion Resource' page:

The Leather Moustache Appliqué Jumper remake combines a knitwear re-hash with a super-simple appliquéd design. Whatever design imagery you are into at the moment (narwhals? elks? garden gnomes?) could be easily translated in this manner. 

Does anything say Autumn like a checked/plaid shirt?! Then how about taking an expected tack by combining one with a denim shirt and trowing in a cute collar detail for added interest? Check out the Contrast Yoke Shirt with Petal Collar project for more details. 

Oh wait, actually maybe a denim skirt with opaque tights and boots says Autumn more. You decide. Anyways, this project might not be much quicker time-wise than a from-scratch sewing project, but by playing with the different tones and faded elements of old jeans the results are arguably more interesting! Or you could simply adopt the front tab detail from this denim skirt project to add interest at at the waist, front or back, to a high-waisted garment. 

This Lace Yoke Sweatshirt Dress would probably be the easiest and snuggliest garment you'd find yourself wearing all season! The idea behind the remake could obviously have the lace element omitted for a more utilitarian, sporty look. 

So what about you? Do you have any Autumnal (or Vernal if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) refashioning projects up your crafty sleeves? 


eline said...

I love that sweater dress! It looks so comfy and yet stylish.
I'm currently thinking about several new projects (oh, the daydreaming!) for my fall wardrobe. Both from existing garments and fabrics in my stash... And I'm really into skirts at the moment, so...

Alyssa said...

You are such an amazing refashioner! I always just end up hemming things or putting on a missing button.

Philippa said...

I'll be doing some mild refashioning this autumn - mostly altering lengths and widths of garments and maybe the neckline of some jersey t-shirts too. I'm going to put it all in one blog post...after I have finished my summer sewing (cough!).

Lovenicky said...

I love sewing/refashioning for Autumn too! My refashioned sweaters, cardis and sweater dresses are my workhorse pieces for Autumn and Winter. I still have lots of thrifted sweater type material in my to-be-refashioned stash so I may just try to make some sweater leggings next. said...

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