Thursday, 31 March 2011

Me-Made-March '11: Days 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31!

Hi peops! Thanks for bearing with me throughout my latest me-made challenge. Final installment:

Day 27:

  • Me-made denim sailor trousers
  • Me-made Saint cardigan
  • Me-made leopard top
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

This was the day after craftaganza and I was sporting a sizeable me-made hangover. I did manage to make it out of my me-made pyjamas though and actually further than the sofa, so the celebratory bevvies couldn't have been too numerous!

Day 28:

  • Me-made Saint cardigan
  • Me-made wool dress
  • Me-made stripey T-shirt
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

Day 29:

  • Me-made denim sailor trousers
  • Remade/refashioned sweatshirt
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

I understand that not much of my outfit can be seen behind my work colleague Piglet there, so you'll just have to trust me. He's a big fan of attention, so I though he might appreciate a blog appearance.

Day 30:

  • Me-made black sailor trousers
  • Me-made leopard top
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

As previously explained, I cannot take credit for the gorgeous neck scarf, which was created by the lovely and talented Jessica. Mad props to her for keeping my neck warm all day! I seriously nearly forgot to take it off to go to bed.

Day 31:

  • Me-made black sailor trousers
  • Me-made corazones blouse
  • Refashioned cardigan
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

So there we have it people, all done! Another whole month rocking the me-mades in an attempt to spread the word that handmade clothing and accessories can and should be worn with pride. I've stated my intentions and reasoning for these challenges on many occassions, but I have to say that I am proud and very grateful that once again peops from all over the globe elected through their own free will to join me. I also want to thank everyone who commented and gave my outfits props. The encouragement and support was gratefully received.

So, in summary: No, I didn't make any new trousers, and; No, I didn't refashion as many sweat or knit items as I'd planned, and; No, I didn't get round to making any more day-friendly dresses. But that's ok. The fact that I got by with what I have once again shows me that I don't actually need all the clothes I would like to make, and that a few comfy separates can go along way with a little creative combining. I certainly had more outfit variety than Me-Made-March 2010, and this year I was living in a much colder climate with a mountain of other things (moving flats, craft market organising, working full-time etc.) on my plate that weren't applicable to a year ago. Of course, the shine of novelty has worn off a bit more, what with this being my forth challenge of this ilk. But the creativity and variety shown and support expressed by the other participants largely via the Flickr group continues to make these challenges such a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and this MMMar '11 has been no exception.

Future challenges?! Watch this space, announcements to follow soon.....


Carolineof NZ said...

Just came upon your blog recently and very impressed that you have done a whole month of you made clothes esp impressed with the pants and vests! Well done you!

Michelle said...

Thank you for challenging us all. I've had a blast with it. I think all your outfits were fantastic, and so very inspiring to me!

Debbie said...

Thanks so much! I really enjoyed this challenge, still have to post my last three pics to flickr. I didn't think that I would have enough things to wear, but I think I did ok! Loved all your outfits as well as all the other participants as well. Time to get sewing for the next Me Made Challenge!

DeniseAngela said...

Thanks for hosting this fun challenge!! I had a great time!!!It has inpspired me to sew more everyday garments too!

kristenmakes said...

Thanks a lot for hosting it, it is always such a great experience! I'm glad I upped my ante to 2 items, but boy it was hard! May someday I'll get to the point where, like you, all my garments can be me-made... Thanks again!

christina said...

Hey Zoe, being part of your challenge has been a pleasure like always. I'm so glad you hosted it even though you had a lot going on besides. Somehow it felt more "real" this way. ;)
I really hope you will do another one as I finally am at a point where I wouldn't feel restrained anymore by excluding the bought part of my wardrobe for a month. So thanks again and have a lovely weekend. :)

Donna said...

Congrats on the success of the Craftaganza and thanks for helping us through (and inspiring us) during Me Made March!

frk.bustad said...

Yet again - congrats with the success! Don't you see it as a great success just to be able to have a whole month wearing your own stuff without having to make something new? In my point of view that would be a great achievement! And as you say, it proof that you (sadly) don't need all the clothes you want to make (who's ever cared about need?).

Darby said...

Hey Zo, Congratulations on yet another successful Me Made March, I'm still just watching but as my children get older I'll be able to participate :-).

I have a question what pattern did you use to make up your sailor pants, they are soooo cute.

Tilly said...

Well done, Zoe! You're an inspiration :)

Brooke said...

A sizable me-made hangover! You kill me, delightful girl. I hope to be in the UK in the next 6 months or so on work, and if I can manage it, I would love to take you out for a drink or 9.

BTW, while I did not take part in MMM, I have taken the challenge to heart throughout the whole of 2011 and am trying to wear at least 1 thing I have sewn each day. No photos because I feel like such a whale in photos... but wearing things I have made myself makes me happy. I have you to thank for recognizing that. So thanks, dearie.

Kim said...

Thanks Zoe. I failed totally on wearing something 'me-made' every day but I did get a much better idea of what I neede to make in future. A very enjoyable month and one I would be happy to repeat (and hopefully do better next time).

Anonymous said...

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