Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Me-Made-May'16: Week 4-and-a-bit. THE END

Ok my friends, last instalment of my documentation pics of my #MMMay16 challenge. Stick around 'til the bottom for my thoughts and experiences of this year's challenge.

Day 22:


Dolores's mum-made:

Day 23:


Dolores's mum-mades (image at the top of this post):

Day 24:

Woodland stroll cape (not worn in pic)

Dolores's mum-mades (didn't managed to get a pic before the outfit got trashed):

Day 25:


Dolores's mum-made:

Day 26:


Dolores's mum-made:

Day 27:

Woodland stroll cape (not in shot)
Maternity leggings (not yet blogged)

Dolores's mum-made:

Day 28:


Dolores's mum-made:

Day 29:

failed to get a photo of either of us but my me-mades were the exact same as Day 24

Dolores's mum-made:

Day 30:


Day 31:

Bird print jersey top
Maternity leggings (not yet blogged)

Dolores's mum-made:


Wow! I probably say this at the end of every Me-Made-May, but this month really flew by. I feel I was barely able to catch my breath, let alone dress mindfully each morning. But maybe that's where the value of this challenge lies for me: to get to the end and see that I have already made a successful selection of clothes that can see me through each step of a crazy month. Not that taking documentation photos is at all the point of course, but I'm pleased that I got a photo of myself from all but two of the days so I can reflect on the challenge now it's drawn to a close. Getting photos of a toddler everyday was impossible as well! I loved seeign her in the things that I make her everyday, but with her increasing desire to wear only pink sparkly dresses, I see that I'm going to have to make some garments for her soon that we can both agree on.

What I learnt:
  • I have really nailed my colour palette. Navy, black and grey form the base, with denim, stripes and leopard print featuring regularly. Pops of mustard, red and turquoise provide the accents. Having come to most of my colour conclusions back in 2010, this means that by now each of my creations work with a number of others, and I have no wardrobe-orphans.
  • Maternity dressing is very efficient. When you have a limited number of items that fit your current shape and size, it really makes getting dressed each day a very quick process that needs very little thought. It's refreshing not to dwell over what I should wear, and I'd like to streamline my non-maternity clothing selection a little more for an easier life when this pregnancy is over.
  • I'm on top of my cardi game. My initial pledge for this year's challenge allowed for the occasional wear of a secondhand (i.e. non-me-made) cardigan. Thanks to the completion of my Cabernet cardigans (#1, #2 and #3) I didn't need to wear a secondhand cardi once. My mustard and navy ones are now so firmly part of my regular rotation that I don't know what I did without them! 
  • More bottoms: more fun. Thanks to some very generous friends lending me lots of pairs of maternity jeans and trousers, I currently have more 'bottoms' to choose from each morning than I've ever had. I realise that I usually dress 'bottom up' in that I'll choose which jeans, trousers or skirt I want to wear that day and then think what I've got to go with them that's clean. Having so many pairs at my disposal has allowed me the pleasure of dressing 'top down': picking the 'fun' part of the outfit first because I'm bound to have something to dress my legs in that will work with the top part that I've selected. The well-fitting trouser quest I was on last year (you can jump into the saga in this post) really was a worthy endeavour, and one I should get back on when my post-pregnancy body decides what shape and size it should remain at for a while. 
If you took part in #MMMay16 this year I really hope that your personal challenge lead you to some interesting and useful discoveries, and even if at times you found the going tough and/or boring, that you had some fun along the way. I LOVE to read your post-challenge thoughts, so please let mwe know your thoughts and feelings on it in the comments section or by leaving me a link to a post if you've written about your experience elsewhere. 


Wakeymakes said...

Thank you. My challenge was only a toe in the water this year but it has really focused my mind on work wear. It's been great following you and the others. Really inspiring K xXx

AskSarah said...

As usual, Me Made May has been a blast! I too have written a post with my thoughts and a little GIF of the whole month.

vintagerockchick said...

Well done Zoe, and thanks again for this inspiring initiative! As I've said in my round-up post, this gets easier every year as more and more of my wardrobe is me-made. I no longer have any interest in shopping for clothes, but I am afraid I am unable to pass by a fabric shop without popping in to see if there's anything I can't live without. But my stash IS getting used now!
Might be popping to Brighton for a fabric shop foray later in the year, so will be in touch if I do, Gill xx

Knitwitsowls said...

Ive really loved it this year! And Ive learnt a lot! Thankyou for hosting!
I blogged about my mmmay16 thoughts here:

Hope your having a good pregnacy



Anne Essex said...

Thanks Zoe, Me Made May has been a lovely reminder of how much I love to sew and then wear what I've made. Making my third top now with many more planned.x

Unknown said...

Although I didn't officially take part this year I have had it in the back of my mind to try and dress in Me-Mades all month but when I'm sailing/working it isn't always possible.
Trying to dress in Me-Mades as much as possible has made me realise I need to actually sew some bottoms, so trousers are next on the list...
Thanks for hosting this again, if nothing else it helps me to see what other people are producing, and wearing often. It can be wonderful to look at someones lovely finished clothing but its lovely to get an idea of those clothes they go back to again and again as those are likely to be the most versatile for those of us with limited sewing time.
Pippa xx

Kestrel said...

You did amazingly well to get so many me made outfits for you both. I feel your pain with the pink sparkles, Mabel would be decked out like Elsa every day of the week, if she could

Lee said...

Thanks Zoe! I love reading this stuff too. I did well with my challenge-- found ways to update and wear a few items, identified specific wardrobe needs to make in the future, cut out and assembled supplies for several pairs of underwear (though I haven't sewed them yet). Reflections: I have a decent selection of choices, have made a lot of progress making garments I actually want to wear and elevating my style somewhat in a way that still feels comfortable. Tops/Shirts: I have enough patterns that work well. Yay! Dresses: still figuring out shapes/shoes/layers/outfit formulas. Pants/shorts: goal for this year.

Alex’s adventures in fabric said...

I love the fact that your Me made May was for both you and Dolores. I managed to include some me-mades for the kids, but it was enough to think about to ensure that I was wearing a me-made item every day! This was my first one, and I have loved taking part - I've learned a lot about what I need to make more and less of, and have also found it good for my wellbeing to have something to take my mind off a very stressful time at work. I've blogged about my reflections on taking part here:

Unknown said...

It's been a really great month for me and given me lots of food for thought! Here are my final thoughts on the months and a round-up of my me-made wardrobe

Megan said...

I just posted my thoughts on Me Made May :) I definitely had some insights about my wardrobe and got new plans. Thanks for keeping the challenge going!

Caroline said...

Thanks for organising another awesome MMM Zoe. You are a superstar. I have really enjoyed seeing not only your own clothes but Dolores too. She is a real cutie.
I have posted my review here:

Mother of Reinvention said...

How fab to have an efficient wardrobe. I am really sure that MMM would definitely sort the wheat from the chaff. Can't believe it s over already either. Has been fun following everyone's posts. :) Xx

Sum of their Stories said...

I've enjoyed participation so much! The best thing was how totally inspired I feel after seeing everyone lovely clothes. Real people wearing real clothes, it's been brilliant, thank you.

Emma Scragg said...

Zoe, Thank you for inspiring this challenge. I did it and managed to wear a different piece of clothing every day for more than the month of May. I would have kept going with the last three dresses but the cold has arrived at last. I have a pile of new projects to go but am inspired by your simple, bold colours. Oh for a pumpkin coloured cardi like yours. A new adventure for me, perhaps in sewing projects.

Here is my blog if you're curious.
We had a tea party on the 29th with friends who sew to give them a chance to show of their favourite creations. They want to do it again and I think can't wait another whole year.

Looking forward to seeing your future creations including the one inside your wonderful belly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, thank you so much for hosting MMM again this year. It's been awesome. I'm so glad I took part - it really helped me to reboot my sewing and get some long standing UFOs finally finished, and I've made a shedload of new internet friends! Including Stacie and the Sewmance Festival, I hope to see you there!

It's been so lovely to see you and Dolores in your me-mades every few days, and I spent hours, literally hours, every evening, going through the Flickr and Instagram feeds to see everyone else's outfits, which is tiring, but so interesting.

My round-up blogpost is here:

EmSewCrazy said...

Even though I didn't participate much online this year I cataloged my progress alone and had some interesting results. Thanks for hosting this fun month!

Becky said...

I had the opposite experience with my pregnancy-- being limited to just a few outfit options left me so bored! I haven't had a chance to blog my month, but my main goal was to reevaluate my wardrobe now that I'm nearly a year into parenthood, and see what works/fits me. I mostly discovered that I have a lot more me made options than I thought, and that I desperately need to restock some basics, especially jeans. If only it was easier to get some sewing time with a kid!

pippa said...

I made it a challenge to finish as many of my part mades as possible. It would appear that I had quite a few. I really enjoyed seeing everyones outfits, Thankyou for coming up with the idea. I've decided to try to finish what I couldn't in may so that next time I have to make a list, it won't be so long. I've just started a blog and this was my first main post. It seams really long but hay ho.

Sharon said...

It was another great year Zoe and thank you for motivating us all. I've done a wrap-up here

Unknown said...

Hey Zo. What a month it was. I loved it and am still reeling from how quick the month flew by. My final post is and I'll make a point of updating flickr.
Watching all the excitement during the month on IG and flickr made the days fly and the style inspiration build.
I'm being influenced to sew from movies and books now so this challenge has been an eye opener again.
I gotta update my mustard jeans for next year😀
Cheers to you and your lovely family.

Tasha said...

Thanks as always Zoe for hosting such an interesting challenge! I pledged to wear almost all me-made stuff this time, and it was even more thought provoking than usual. I rounded up my reflections today, including some about wearing the badges, being more public about wearing handmade, and finding a way to celebrate all the parts of my wardrobe I love:

Red W Sews said...

Thank you so much again for organising this, it's been both enjoyable and useful! I finally got time to blog about the second half of the month for me and my thoughts on what I've learnt! Roll on next year!

Anonymous said...


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