Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Me-Made-March '11: Days 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26

I just got myself in a total pickle trying to get my photos in the correct order and realising I'd missed a day out. Now that wouldn't have happened if I'd been keeping up to date with my documentation of this challenge, would it?! Only a couple more installments now, can't believe this month has flown by so quickly.

Day 22:

  • Me-made denim sailor trousers
  • Me-made ruffle front jumper
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

This is probably my most comfortable me-made outfit (aside from my pyjamas). This jumper has actually held up pretty well considering it was made over a year ago and has received many wears and washes since. I must give props to whatever random synthetic fibres the fabric is made from!

Day 23:

  • Me-made black Jenny skirt
  • Me-made stripey T-shirt
  • Refashioned cardigan
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

Initially meant for evening/going out purposes, last Autumn I ended up rocking this skirt regularly in the day time too. It simultaneously makes me feel nice and curvy and annoyed at all the fabric round my middle!

Day 24:

  • Me-made black sailor trousers
  • Me-made Saint cardigan
  • Remade blouse
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag
It was totally not the right weather for wearing this blouse, which is made from the type of synthetic fabric that always makes you feel cold. Great for when I lived in Spain. Now? Not so much!

Day 25:
  • Me-made denim sailor trousers
  • Me-made Simplicity 3835 top (the first of the millions I've made)
  • Me-made Saint cardigan (not shown, so don't think your eyes are going funny!)
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

Rubbish outfit born from a desire for variety. I made this top ages ago when I was first getting back into sewing clothes. I made it from quilting cotton (school girl error) plus the original sleev pattern was always a bit too tight for my chunky upperarms, so it's never been that comfortable if you need to move your arms a lot. It's even more restrictive when paired with my Saint cardigan. At work I need to move my arms A LOT, cutting out garments and the like. I'm a genius.

Day 26:

  • Me-made Macaron dress
  • Refashioned cardigan
  • Me-made vest and pants
  • Me-made coat and bag

Brighton Craftaganza day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crap behind me is all the stuff for my stall. It was a rocking day and this outfit took me through the whole day: from 8am through the whole market, and out the other side into evening to imbibe some well -deserved congratulatory cocktails. More on Craftaganza tomorrow.....


Anonymous said...

Keeping up to date with the documentation is so much harder than it sounds! Great outfits.

Stevie said...

They look awesome! Sorry I couldn't make it to Craftaganza on saturday. It was my mums birthday weekend and we ended up at sewing for pleasure in Birmingham. Perhaps a blogger meet up with tea and cake could be needed?

Marella said...

Gorgeous post!
I really like your blog, soooooo inspiring!

Following! Follow back? <3

emily said...

Gah, that Macaron dress is gorgeous! Must. Get. Pattern. Can't wait to here about the Craftaganza either x

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