Saturday, 12 March 2011

Me-Made-March '11: Days 10, 11 & 12

So the days of March are now in double figures. Spring's pretty much here and I'm gearing up to move flats and start a 'new season' of my very own. But what you really want to know is, what the hell have I been wearing over the last few days? How on earth have my me-mades functioned through the stresses and strains of being me? Let's take a look....

Day 10:

  • me-made faux-vintage dress (bad choice as the sleeves are quite tight and rubbed off a lot of the remaining scab on my new tattoo. What? You don't want to hear about my scabs?!)
  • me-made Saint Cardigan (worn for most the day, but for some freakish reason I must have deemed it warm enough to remove it for at least long enough to take a photo)
  • me-made vest and pants
  • me-made coat and bag

As I mentioned on the Flickr group, note to self: make more day-friendly dresses. Soooo much easier to throw on a dress to make a nice outfit than trying to juggle a million separates. Now watch me make a million more separates instead of making a single dress... I never learn.

Day 11:

  • me-made black sailor trousers
  • me-made corazones blouse
  • refashioned cardigan
  • me-made vest and pants
  • me-made coat and bag

After all my witterings about not having anything warm to wear with this blouse that wouldn't flatten the stand up collar, I figured out my new refashioned cardi has a neckline almost wide enough to leave the blouse's collar unfettered. Good enough for me, plus the cardi's colour is almost the same as the green in the blouse. I celebrated with some cider, nachos and wine later that night!

Day 12:

  • me-made navy front fold skirt
  • me-made stripey T-shirt
  • refashioned cardigan
  • me-made vest and pants
  • me-made coat and bag

It always wierds me out a little to be blogging an outfit whilst I'm still wearing it, seems a bit too meta. Anyways, I may go out later and change my outfit, I will document it should that event arise, fear not my lovelies! Laters patatas!


Law said...

Hi Zoe, I love you faux-vintage dress so much. Looks like MMM is going well. Good luck with your move!

Fourth Daughter said...

You're doing well with the documenting! I still haven't made it on to the Flickr group, agggh. But have managed to wear MM stuff every day, even though a fair amount of it has been accessories...

Unknown said...

Good luck with the move! Lovin the second outfit with the hair accessory! I never anticipated that nabbing photo evidence of my outfit each day would be as much of a logistical challenge as the clothes part!

ps Maldon is our nearest town. You're right about the charity shops.

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